I first met Saskia online, in a wonderful Facebook group and the thing that struck me immediately was the unbelievable support and encouragement she was giving to everyone to share their gifts and use the full expression of words in order to do so.

With a background in construction, it seemed logical that she would turn her love of creating legacies through buildings, to one of helping women create legacies through their words, tapping into the heart of what they do through her business BlogAtelier.

When we delved into Saskia’s past to choose a story for her chapter, I discovered a little girl who had always had a love of words, teaching herself to write her first shopping list at three, but also a child who was not allowed to speak and fully express herself.

Saskia has changed that for so many women as she shows them how to liberate themselves of any obstacles that stand in the way of authentic legacy blogging and content writing.

To learn more about Saskia and her work click here: https://blogatelier.nl

To join Saskia and the other phenomenal authors of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self – Vol 2 book at their exclusive VIP Book Launch on March 8th International Women’s Day at the beautiful De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor

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