We all have our paths on this journey of life and Ruth has been the leading light of what can happen when a pivotal moment in our lives can be used to empower and inspire rather than make us feel ashamed or feel small. As the “Life Liberator” she has used her experience to change the lives of thousands of women around the world and I first met her when she interviewed me.

As is often the case when we are being interviewed, the focus is on us, but once the filming had stopped I got to learn more about this softly spoken, caring woman and why now when I think of Ruth I always see a caped crusader in my mind, a superwoman, a wonder woman dedicated to empowering others.

When I asked her whether she would be interested in sharing her story, a story that many know about from her public image of a successful headmistress in an inner city London school to the private turmoil that was going on behind the doors of a seemingly ordinary house trapped in an abusive relationship, I was ecstatic when she said yes.

But what I like most in her chapter in the book, is the sharing of where this all starts, as is often the case our pivotal moments can start years before we even get to them with experiences, people and feelings layering one on top of the other before we find ourselves trapped in a situation wondering what on earth had led to this point.

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