Have you ever met a person who just says things in a language that you can finally understand, not with confusion or making your brain work 100 miles an hour, but just positions things in a language that makes sense?

That’s how I felt when I spoke to Lynette for the first time, that easy, comfortable conversation that just flows and as she explained what she did and how our brains work I had so many of my own ah-ha moments, looking at my own childhood and that of my children, I wondered where she had been all my life.

Lynette works with children in a way that leaves them all feeling that they are coming for play time, not because they have something wrong with them and  regardless of whether they are coming because they have been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Speech problems, Auditory processing disorder or global developmental delays, each leave her office feeling special and with parents that now have a better understanding of how to play and communicate with their children,

When we sat down to discuss what her chapter would be about, a single momentary experience at school in a spelling bee was what had kick started Lynette’s passion that NO CHILD would ever feel the way she had in school and life moving forward and in her care they would learn the true brilliance that resides within them. 

To learn more about Lynette and her work click here: LynetteTomaConnectingKids@gmail.com

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