When I flew to San Diego last year to be filmed for a documentary series called ‘Awakening Giants’ never did I imagine that I would get to share a room with such a beautiful soul.

Meeting Leeanne for the first time I was struck by her reassuringly calm persona and the way she spoke in such a relaxed and soothing way, I totally understood why her business had become a raging success. Leeanne is on a mission to help others discover their authentic purpose and inspire them on their journey to success by helping them accomplish their goals.

She takes the sometimes overwhelming burden and fear of communicating your brand and offering to the world and makes it a smooth and easy process for all of her clients so it didn’t surprise me when we started to talk about choosing a story to be included in the book that she told of a time where her world came crashing down and why she is so passionate that doesn’t happen to others.

To find out more about Leeanne and her work click here: http://www.empiread.com

To read Leeanne’s phenomenal story please follow the link below to register to be the first to hear about the book’s release and be entered into a prize draw, to join the authors at the prestigious Women’s University Club in Mayfair, London on March 17th 2018, but be in the running for other prizes too.https://womenofcontribution.lpages.co/register-interest-ntmfs/