When we step forward with an idea we always have the worry that it might not be well received, or worse yet ridiculed, but when I stepped forward with the idea for a book that would change lives, I was met with acceptance, joy and excitement.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever expected to have attracted the phenomenal women that I have for this project. Women that totally got my vision for how, together, we could change the lives of billions around the world. As the kindle book launch is drawing near, the end of the week, I am reminded of the power of what can happen when women collaborate not compete, when they come together with one mission in mind- To Pay Forward.

There are no mistakes in this world but a series of perfectly orchestrated events to ensure that we reach our true potential and fulfil our purpose on this planet. I want to personally thank all my co-authors for their unwavering belief not only in this project but the knowledge that in the sharing of those personal and sometimes vulnerable stories of their past that not only would they heal but others would too.

This is just the first step of showing how powerful we are when we come together. As the Women of Contribution movement is starting to build, women are discovering how they too can share their gifts with the world, how something as simple as a story can contribute in ways we never even thought was possible, how we can encourage support and nourish each other.

The Dalai Lama once said “The world will be saved by the western woman” and I believe that we are starting to see more and more evidence that this is the case.

So please join us by first registering to be the first to hear about the kindle launch and win some prizes by clicking here https://womenofcontribution.lpages.co/register-interest-ntmfs/

Secondly when the paper book comes out on the 17th March, buy three copies, write a message in two for those women who have contributed to your life and honour them by sharing the wealth of wisdom in its pages. For the third book, write a message to a complete stranger and leave the book to be found by a woman who needs it. Leave it on the bus, train or at the library, safe in the knowledge that someone else’s heart will be expanded by your words of support

And last but not least, join our movement to help 1 billion women around the world by visiting http://www.womenofcontribution.com and join our facebook page http://www.faceboook.com/groups/womenofcontribution

And thank you from my heart to yours for being the phenomenal women of contribution you are.