There were many things I noticed about Loubna when we jumped on our call to discuss her submitting a chapter for our next book. The first was her beautiful beaming smile that shone brightly from the computer screen, the next her inquisitive nature as she got to the heart of our project and last but not least her refreshingly, direct approach.

As is often the case when we first meet people our brains quickly try to figure out what role this person has in society, what their passions are and what makes them tick from the things they say or do so it came as no surprise to me when Loubna explained she was a woman on a mission. A big mission in fact !

A mission to impact on one million souls by using “The Science of Happiness” with a particular focus on those individuals within the workplace. Having delved into her past to explore which of Loubna’s pivotal moment to share, it seemed only right that the one she chose to share with the world was one that impacted her own happiness at work.

To learn more about Loubna and her work click here:  http://www.authenticselfconnector.com

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