In 2015 I remember hearing about this new energy method, not knowing what I was letting myself in for I joined a free Facebook challenge and was instantly taken on a journey of discovery.

The host of that journey was Yvette Taylor a woman whose happy, energetic, bubbly personality burst forth onto my Facebook feed each morning as she spoke with passion about energy and the simplicity behind the Energy Alignment Method and the difference it could make to my life.

As I worked my way through the two weeks, I discovered how to use my own body to guide my decision making process, release and let go what no longer served me and manifest the things in life was important to me. I knew about energy and dowsing as my brother is a master dowser, but the understanding I could take the same principles and apply it to my body just blew my mind.

At the end of the challenge as is often the case I went back to the day to day busy life of running my business but would often use EAM to help me make decisions or release and let go, but lost touch with Yvette.

However as I was asking the universe for the right women to step forward for the book,  Yvette Taylor once again flashed across my screen, as divine intervention kicked into gear and as I saw her face, I knew that once again our paths would cross.

When I spoke to Yvette about the book, her eyes welled up as she started to tell me a little bit about her experiences in her younger years and how the strong, powerful feminine energy that she utilised in her methods, coursed through her veins from a generation of strong powerful women whose stories started before she was even born in a country far away from England.

I listened intently barely daring to breath, as we explored how her journey had set the stage for the next chapter of her life and the purpose she embraced, had changed her life for the better.

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