When I first spoke with Fran it was a beautiful sunny day, one of those days where you know everything is good with the world and while I listened to her talk passionately about her work as the Chief Executive of Youth Concern I knew instantly that any young adult that had her in their life would receive an instant ray of sunshine in a sometimes difficult and confusing world.

But Fran’s passion for youth work goes so much deeper than just sharing compassion and hope, she totally believes that each and every person she meets can overcome the disadvantages of life and fulfill their biggest aspirations. She not only shines light into the darkest corners, she treats everyone with the same respect and kindness regardless of the situation she finds people in.

The story that she shares in her chapter is one of two halves, the cheeky, happy, go lucky girl who pushed the boundaries of the norms, challenged the logic of adults and always fought for the underdog, coupled with the dark times of her own adulthood where anxiety and depression stepped in, where she was forced to make changes to her life, where two mini strokes changed her priorities and she realised she could not give to others unless she gave to herself first.

Like many her winding journey of self discovery to get where she is today has led her to setting up her own business for heart centred leaders where she champions the values of compassion, purpose and authenticity in leadership, in the hopes that others can step forward to lead the change alongside her.

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