Creating a dream life in another country is often much harder than you initially think, having just relocated to Barcelona I know only too well how difficult it can be, but Tracy Leonetti makes it so easy and stress free you can often wonder what people are talking about when they say how difficult they have found it.

Even as a little girl, Tracy always dreamed of being able to escape to a faraway land and her journey to finally settling in France has taken her half way around the world, from the UK to Australia and all the places in between.

When I first met Tracy and she talked about what she did, I was struck by this powerhouse of passion for ensuring that everyone who came to her, was able to follow their dreams, release their worries and that is evident by the queue of clients that come back time and time again.

But Tracy’s desire to help others doesn’t just stem from childhood dreams, it stems from the difference she is making in the world. When we sat down to discuss what story she would write in her chapter, I heard a story that so many families, children, loved ones and partners can relate to. A story of being the daughter of someone suffering from mental illness and the journey she has been on to get to where she is now. What struck me about her story, as is the case of all of the authors is the bravery and determination to share knowing that it will help someone else and that is at the core of everything Tracy does.

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