Tina Fotherby is passionate about making a positive contribution to society and raising the profile of great businesses and individuals who are doing brilliant work in helping others and making the world that one bit better, one moment at a time, which makes sense as to why she loved the concept of “The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self” book as it was her opportunity to “Pay Forward” in a larger way than ever before.

As an experienced PR expert she is skilled at seeing the magic within each and every person and business that she meets and making sure that they are visible and the world knows why they are stepping up and contributing in the way only they know how. When we discussed which of her stories she would like to share, she shared an intimate story that she knew would help inspire and empower others.

A story that so many are faced with each and every day, a story that shows the big heart and giving nature of a woman whose main focus has always been raising others visibility but would prefer to be the expert behind the scenes. Tina has shared so generously to make sure that everyone can learn from her experience and I am feel so blessed that she has.

To find out more about Tina and her work click here: http://www.famouspublicity.com/

To read Tina’s phenomenal story please follow the link below to register to be the first to hear about the book’s release and be entered into a prize draw, to join the authors at the prestigious Women’s University Club in Mayfair, London on March 17th 2018, but be in the running for other prizes too.https://womenofcontribution.lpages.co/register-interest-ntmfs/