I feel so blessed to have met Sarah Sparks on a business weekend set in the beautiful French countryside, as we spent four days focusing on our business. It can always be a bit worrying to know you are sharing a room with a complete stranger but I needn’t have worried.

The first thing I noticed about Sarah was her inquisitive eyes and her unique ability to observe the room and truly understand the people in it, without the hustle and bustle of asking lots of questions. Her calm presence and inquisitive nature without delving too deep, allowed me to connect with her instantly and when we went to bed each night our biggest problem wasn’t the awkwardness of sharing a room with a stranger but stopping the flow of conversation and getting enough sleep for the next day.

The thing that I not only admired and learnt from her over the four days we were together was how important it is to consciously choose the act of self-care and integrate it into our everyday living, something that we often forget as busy entrepreneurs and something I have been terrible at in the past. So it didn’t come as any surprise when we talked about which of her pivotal moments to choose, that she chose to share her journey from burn out to thriving and why she is so passionate that no one ever has to go on that rollercoaster ride alone.

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