The universe has a way of bringing people into your life at just the right moment and Robin was such, a blessing.  We had initially missed meeting in San Diego when I joined Robin’s partner, Spryte, of Legacy Life Productions on set of their new “Awakening GIANTS” docu-series. Seeing first hand the vision that was being created by these two phenomenal ladies , surrounded by amazing people, doing awe inspiring things, I felt totally blown away by the magnitude of the project.

When I finally did get to meet this women I had heard so much about, in England a couple of months later, it was like meeting someone you have known all of your life, the destined meeting of hearts, minds and souls, it was like coming home.  A couple months later as we were sat in a hotel breakfast room in Barcelona talking about Women of Contribution and the book I got to understand a little bit more about why Robin was so keen to get involved in “The Pay it Forward Series”.

As the daughter of a Holocast survivor, the legacy of “surviving against all odds” had been passed down from one generation to another and when Robin lost everything fighting for the voice for the voiceless and providing hope to those living in fear and despair it made perfect sense to combine, her past, her present and her future into a beautiful chapter that will inspire thousands.

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To join Robin and the other phenomenal authors of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self – Vol 2 book at their exclusive VIP Book Launch on March 8th International Women’s Day at the beautiful De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor