It’s funny how the universe brings situations and experiences in your life, so you can meet that one person, to have those interactions that make your heart sing and this was how I met Leanne.

I met her in a group on Facebook and is often the case when you are on a journey together you share intimate parts of your life. We were both there searching for answers, not those little answers that can be solved with one reply but those answers that make the world seem whole again, that lift you up when times are hard, that expand your thinking way beyond what you thought was possible

What we discovered within the group were not the answers we were looking for but a soul connection that ultimately led to me working with Leanne.

When the first Pay it Forward book was being planned, Leanne was not ready for her story to be shared, but when we opened up the spaces for the second she jumped right in, sharing a powerful story, that showcases what happens when one solitary, ordinary moment changes your life and the impact that it has moving forward and the joy that can be found when we discover our truth.

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To join Leanne and the other phenomenal authors of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self – Vol 2 book at their exclusive VIP Book Launch on March 8th International Women’s Day at the beautiful De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor

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