The thing I absolutely love about Laura is the way she makes you feel. Whether it is in her powerful, dynamic classes or meeting for coffee, you always leave her company feeling calm, refreshed and happy.

It is not surprising then that she teaches women a unique and different way of exercising, that not only makes you feel like you have a good workout but tends to the spiritual side of your soul. Laura learnt Pilates whilst living in the far stretches of the world and has now settled in the beautiful city of Barcelona where she learnt Kundalini Yoga and created the first ever HEARTCOREBODY studio and dynamic practice which blends the two beautifully together.

Having experienced first hand and watched many busy professional women juggle the ever demanding pressures of work, family and life, she decided that a new way of exercise was essential to slow down the daily onslaught. She created the perfect mix and when you step into her studio it is like releasing all the worries of the day whilst being wrapped in a warm comforting blanket, safe in the knowledge that you are working, toning, stretching and releasing every aspect of your heart, core and body.

This is all a far cry from some of the experiences she had in her younger years and in her chapter Laura lovingly describes how an innocent comment in the heat of a moment as a child had long term effects on her eating and her battles with bulimia, in her teens, twenties and some of her early thirties. The practice of Kundalini was what helped her find peace and start the recovery process and now she hopes to share her journey with you.

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