Izabella is named the energy entrepreneur for a good reason.

When I met her for the first time the thing that struck me, was this beaming smile from ear to ear, the high energy she carried that was so palpable that you could feel it from across the table and the stunning red that she wore that was her signature colour.

When she introduced herself and told me and the room her story, I knew that it was a story that so many women could relate to. The story of competing in a male dominated arena, the feeling that you couldn’t ask for help as it would be considered a weakness, the striving, the hard slog, without any idea of the damage that it could potentially do to you body.

The woman that Izabella described that day was the complete opposite to the woman who was telling the story. A woman who just oozed health, in actual fact in her words “Your health, is your wealth” and she was wealthy beyond belief.

When we came to talk about her story for the book, it seemed that it would be relatively easy to choose a story to share, however as we stepped back to the beginning, where the story began, even she was surprised how parts of our past that we have forgotten can still play a big part of our lives.

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