I first met Deenita sat in a large comfy barn in a circle with twenty other women who were all attending a business retreat.

On our first evening, as the light started to fade and the night drew in, each woman introduced themselves and talked, many with tears in their eyes as to what had brought them to the weekend.

As the weekend progressed we spoke, we connected, we bared our souls and friendships were built that would survive the test of time, one of those friendships for me was with Deenita.

When I initially saw her speak to the group and introduce herself the first two things I noticed were her passion for her purpose and how eloquently she spoke, connecting to each and every person in the room as she did. Later I found out she was a seasoned, international speaker but whenever she spoke regardless of how many were in the room I felt like she was speaking just to me.

When I approached her about this project and the possibility of writing a chapter I had no idea what pivotal moment she might choose to share with the world but as we explored the past it didn’t surprise me that she finally decided upon a story that has always been a part of her life, that really shows the world and the women in it, that no matter what life puts in your way, you have the freedom to choose what you want and how you live your life.

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