Debbie Cromack is a woman on a mission. A woman determined to help women move away from the daily 9-5 and embrace and flourish, doing the work that makes their heart sing. Each day women are juggling so many balls from family, home to work and so often now the 9-5 is the 9-6 or 9-8 or sometimes even 9-9.

Working harder and harder to get the job done, to meet the busy demands of your boss or company, whilst inside that inner voice is saying “there must be more to life than this”.

Debbie is that breath of fresh air that so many of us need, she is that light at the end of the tunnel that everything is all going to work out.


Because she has been there. As you will hear in her story she knows what it feels like when your dreams are squashed, when you are having to put your desires on hold, because those close to you feel they know better.

To find out more about Debbie and her work click here: http://emergeempowerment.com/

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