When I first learnt about Danielle Morrow and her ‘love’ code my mind immediately conjured up images of Indiana Jones in the depths of the jungle trying to decode some mythical hieroglyphics and I wasn’t far from the truth.

Danielle had been a jungle of her own, a self created jungle that many of us can relate to. A jungle of busyiness, a jungle of overwhelm, of overstretch, of striving for more. As a qualified electrical engineer, a decision to retrain as an attorney would see her stretch herself to full capacity until anxiety came knocking at her door.

As often happens we don’t see these things coming until it is too late, until we find ourselves so deeply immersed we wonder how we can get out, but get out is something Danielle most definitely did and then analysed the process until she knew the ‘code’ to help others break free from anxiety, resistance and breakdown to a life of joy and freedom.

When I sat down with her to discuss her story, I discovered a pattern of programming for striving that started as a young girl growing up in a family of five. A family where she felt it was her duty to care for others, to strive and work hard and do well, that contributed to that fateful day when anxiety took hold and her world started to feel it was tumbling down when in actual fact is was the start of the rebuilding of something new.

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