When I first met Christine Tylee the thing that made my heart sing was her true passion and belief that life was there for living, that everything and anything is possible when you take that leap of faith.

As I got to know Christine better I could see why she was an award winning leader that had built a multi-million dollar business whilst retaining her number one slot in Direct Sales for over 12 years, because the thing that Christine does that many don’t, is she truly cares about each and every person she meets, serves and helps. 

So, when we sat down to discuss her chapter, I learnt about a series of events, that had not only inspired her and empowered her to make the most of every day but also events that had the capability to put a stop to everything she had built. Christine’s chapter is called “The Luckiest Woman in Australia” and when you hear about how she has overcome so much and inspired others to do the same, you can understand why she really feels it in her very soul.

To learn more about Christine and her work click here: http://www.directsalesinspiration.com/

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