I heard about Evie Rose long before I met her as we had both been involved with a documentary series, everyone I spoke to only had good things to say and when we did finally meet I could see why they were so complimentary.

The first thing I noticed when I met her was her lovely southern Georgian twang, the words seem to be sung from her lips and her inner light and pure of heart.

When we sat down to talk about her story, I understood the reason why she is so passionate about helping people move past traumatic experiences following her own story of abuse and to showcase that not only can you break free from the thoughts and emotions that are held deep within, you can rediscover your own voice too.

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To join Evie and the other phenomenal authors of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self – Vol 2 book at their exclusive VIP Book Launch on March 8th International Women’s Day at the beautiful De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor

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