When I first met Bianca I quickly realised she was a woman who was not only committed to celebrating every aspect of her life to the full but ensuring it was done in the most sparkliest, shiniest, beautiful version that was possible and she seems to sprinkle that magic wherever she goes.

Many women are under the strain of the constant juggle of the work life balance, however Bianca believes that it shouldn’t be a series of balancing acts but instead a beautiful blend of intentional living where relationships and work bring energising joy and fulfillment not struggle and strife.  

When we stepped back into her past to explore those pivotal moments that changed the trajectory of her life she talked about a period of her life that for many would be considered a massive disruption to the life she knew and loved but for Bianca it was her first step in conscious, intentional living a period, where she discovered that ultimately she was responsible for the future she wanted to create and she invites others to discover this too.

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