When I first met Barbara, I had just got off an eleven hour flight from the UK to San Diego and walked in whilst she was healing a friend of mine. As I watched her engrossed in her work, when she finally turned to talk I was surprised at her gorgeous American accent that seemed to sing to my soul, it was a voice I could listen to for hours, direct, firm, powerful but like velvet to the ears.

During our time together, Barbara reignited something that had been lost in me for so long, something that I will be eternally  grateful for. Not only my re-connection to God, but the non-negotiables that we often put aside to placate others, to make sure we don’t offend or upset, I learnt as I watched Barbara show the world how clear she is on her mission here on earth,  that nothing and no-one is going to get in her way.

It was no surprise to me when we finally chatted about which story she would tell, that she choose a story from pain and disability, to the realm of the miraculous where she serves presidents and kings, empowering everyone to understand that when you trust, truly trust and believe in something bigger than yourself anything is possible.

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