It’s been 8 months since our book “The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self Vol1” took the world by storm. We launched on a snowy evening in London, Mayfair in March 2018, a magical evening not only because of the snow but because we were surrounded by friends, family, business associates and the press. It was a fun filled evening of laughing, crying and getting to know one another with fabulous speakers like Marie Diamond from the hit film “The Secret” who flew in from France and Rashawn Renee who flew in from LA from Real Truth Intl

We had already become International Best Selling authors within 12 hours of launching our kindle version of the book and knew without a shadow of a doubt that with each book sold more kindness, hope, wisdom and inspiration would be shared around the world. That lives would be touched through the vulnerable and courageous stories that were told by our authors and that a sense of community would be discovered with ‘The Pay it Forward’ movement and we haven’t been disappointed.

Women and men around the world have found our book left for them by a stranger, gifted to them by a friend and have in turn read the book, written their own message of hope and inspiration and left it for the next person to find, each interaction sending out a ripple around the world. We have also helped the wonderful charity we are supporting with a percentage of the profits gained from the sale of each book.

In the summer we launched “Around the world in 60 Days” and saw our book journey to Trinidad and Tobago, New York, France, Italy, India, China and many more places and in September the authors joined me in a live summit as we delved deeper into the stories behind the stories. You can watch the replay here and grab a free gift from each author interviewed just follow the link https://bit.ly/2SlxE3M

So what is next you maybe asking for ‘The Pay it Forward Series’ ?

Well in March 8th, 2019, International Women’s Day we will be launching the next in the series, Volume 2 and I will be joined in Windsor at the beautiful De Vere Beaumont Estate by my phenomenal co-authors who will be travelling in from Australia, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Spain and the UK not only for a VIP Book Launch evening and celebration but for our first ever Destined for Bigger Things Conference and you can find out more about it here https://womenofcontribution.lpages.co/destined-for-bigger-things/

We really hope you will join us